Photo ID-Card,
the new popular enclosure 
to all application documents

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Film cutter and film
packaging devices
(the fastest
of the world)

Expendable materials  
for all HONERKAMP® machines 
    as well as

Technical products, 
existing predominantly 
     of paper or plastic foils 

Dispatch and 
   archiving bags 
of plastic foils or paper

Cleaning foils 
    and cleaner rolls
for printer, scanner,  
     and development facilities

Consumer articles like
- picture frames
- toothpicks

   - fun items


Special fabrication 
of plastic foil
    and paper products   

Paid / wage cutting 
rolls of plastic foils and paper 

Punching products



Loader and Changer
for digital data media

and drive assemblies
Postcard facilities,
transforming photos of 10x15 cm  
into postcards
Film sleever,
- rewinder,
- tabber and
- cleaner devices
Packaging machines 
for films, CD's and pictures
Special purpose machines
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